Cardellini Clamps®

Cardellini Clamps® are the industry standard when it comes to film grip clamps and equipment. Constructed of cast aluminum and stainless steel, the Cardellini Clamp® angled jaw can be used to grip film equipment onto both flat and curved surfaces. They’re versatile and durable, and each clamp features our patented two-angled jaw design and rubber pads to prevent scratches on surfaces. Clamps are available in a variety of sizes of clamping capacity. Mini clamps have a jaw width of 1.875”, and the larger standard clamps have a jaw width of 3”. We have several configurations, such as center jaw, end jaw, right angle.

More About Cardellini Clamps®

Cardellini Clamps® are an essential tool for any modern-day grip, film crew, or electrician, and can be used for just about any job. Mini Clamps are ideal for tabletop applications and holding smaller objects, while the larger clamps are perfect for mounting lights and other film equipment. Whether you need a clamp for tabletop work or you're looking for new camera lock-offs, Cardellini Clamps® are the right option for rigging lighting and camera equipment.