User Guides

If you’ve recently purchased a Cardellini Clamp®, accessory, or other piece of equipment, our User Guides are a great place to start. We offer five easy-to-understand user manuals: Ball Tri Hat User Guide, Cardellini Clamps® User Guide, Head-Lock User Guide, O'Connor Head-Lock User Guide, and the Tri Hat User Guide. Each manual contains useful information about the product, how to use it, important safety instructions, and more. 

More About User Guides

When it comes to using your Cardellini Clamp®, camera gear, or accessory, it’s helpful to have information about the product on hand. Whether you’re using a new product for the first time, experiencing a mechanical issue, or simply want to learn more about what your clamp, accessory, or other equipment can do, downloading one of our PDF User Guides is a great place to start. Each Cardellini User Guide comes with complete instructions on operating, inspecting, maintaining, and safely using our clamps, head locks, and tri-hats. Take a look at our User Guides and download the ones you need below.