Cardellini Microphone Mount Clamps

Cardellini Microphone Mount Clamps are end jaw clamps, but the end of the shaft, rather than being formed into a baby pin, is threaded with a standard 5/8-27 mic-mount thread. These clamps fit conveniently onto a mic stand or any similar surface area – once your microphone is mounted to the clamp, you can then attach the Cardellini Microphone Mount Clamp to any surface up to 2". 

More About Cardellini Microphone Mount Clamps

Because of their stability, Cardellini Microphone Mount Clamps are a reliable tool for the professional sound rigger. With a jaw width of 3" and a jaw capacity of 2”, these clamps can mount a microphone on almost any surface, and all of the Microphone Mount Clamps feature stainless steel shafts, aluminum jaws, and our patented two-angled jaw design with replaceable rubber pads to prevent scratching. Versatile and durable, these clamps are an essential tool for the modern-day sound rigger or film grip.