Mini Cardellini Clamps®

Mini Cardellini Clamps® offer the same durability and versatility as our regular Cardellini Clamps® in a smaller size. The Mini Cardellini Clamp® is much smaller and more lightweight, making it the ideal solution for tabletop work, camera lock-offs, mounting laser pointers, holding smaller objects, or mounting anything in tight quarters. It provides a strong, solid grip, perfect for when you need a lighter weight clamp.

More About Mini Cardellini Clamps®

The Mini Cardellini Clamp® is constructed of aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, and the jaws are 1.875" wide and open to 1.5", the shaft is ⅜” diameter with a ¼-20 female thread in the end. Non-marking rubber is vulcanized onto jaws to prevent scratches or damage to your other equipment. Our Skinny-Mini Cardellini Clamp®, comes in the same configurations as any mini clamp, but have jaws that are 15/16” wide. 

We also have a Mini Mic Cardellini Clamp®, which has a ⅜-16 male thread to mount various accessories, including ball heads.If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, we also offer the Extra-Long Mini Mic Mount Cardellini Clamp® to give you more capacity.