Clamp Accessories

We carry a variety of quality accessories for our mini and regular Cardellini Clamps®, including replacement jaw pads, baby pins, swivel link sets laser pointer sets, and set screws. All of our accessories are designed to work in conjunction with Cardellini Clamps®, whether you need a replacement part or you’re looking to purchase extra pins. Our industry-standard clamp accessories are the perfect tools for any film professional, grips, gaffers/electricians, and camera operators, and provide durable, sturdy solutions for mounting, lighting, and more. 

More About Clamp Accessories

Whatever your equipment accessory needs might be, Cardellini Clamps® has the solution. Ball heads are ideal for mounting still cameras, video cameras, or small monitors, while our laser pointers and laser pointer sets are the perfect solution for shoots with a lot of rigging involved. Our baby pins can also provide a bridge between two lights or clamps for easy coordination. Replacement jaw pads come in handy when your old pads have worn out. Browse our full range of accessories for both the regular and mini Cardellini Clamps® below.